Spring 2022

4/12Rob CarmanExtending the tom Dieck map for complex characters
3/29Fan GePlay with permutations (Notes)
3/22Edward Poon (ERAU)Matrices with circular higher rank numerical range
3/04Dana Williams (Dartmouth)The equivalence theorem for groupoid C*-algebras ( colloquium)
3/01Pierre ClareImprimitivity, from finite groups to C*-algebras
2/21Dan Cranston (VCU)In most 6-regular toroidal graphs all 5-colorings are Kempe equivalent

Fall 2021

12/08Vladimir BolotnikovCyclic matrices over division rings
12/03Edgar Costa (MIT)The $L$-functions and modular forms database (Slides, Gif 1, Gif 2)
12/01Sage Stanish'22An application of computational homology to the Ising Model
11/10Pierre ClareNoncommutative distances on graphs
10/20Eric SwartzCovering numbers of rings with unity (Slides)
10/06Gabriel Martins (Sacramento State)Skateboard tricks and topological flips (Slides)
9/29Cordelia Li'22Copositive matrices, their dual, and the Recognition Problem (Slides)
9/22Merielyn Sher'22Enumerating minimum path covers of trees (Slides)
9/15Bjoern Muetzel (Eckerd College)Harmonic forms on pinched surfaces (Slides)
9/08Gexin YuSufficient conditions for 2-dimensional graph rigidity

Spring 2021

4/30Ethan Shelburne'21Toward a holographic transform for quantum Clebsch-Gordan (Notes)
4/23Çisil Karagüzel (UC Santa Cruz)Fusion systems of blocks of finite groups over arbitrary fields (Notes)
4/16Pierre ClareVon Neumann algebras, subfactors and knots, III (Notes)
3/26Spencer Schrandt'21Reality and strong reality in finite symplectic groups (Notes)
3/12Pierre ClareVon Neumann algebras, subfactors and knots, II (Notes)
3/05Pierre ClareVon Neumann algebras, subfactors and knots, I (Notes)
2/19Olivia Ding'21The minimum number of multiplicity 1 eigenvalues among
real symmetric matrices whose graph is a tree (Notes)
2/12Spring Break DayNo Talk
2/05Charles JohnsonTopics on the nonnegative inverse eigenvalue problem (Notes), (Survey)

Fall 2020

11/11Eric SwartzIntroduction to quantum groups, IV.
Coherent configurations and quantum orbital algebras (Notes, Print.)
10/28Moritz Weber (Saarland University)Quantum automorphism groups of finite graphs: a survey (Notes)
10/21Samantha Phillips'21
Akshata Pisharody'21
Introduction to quantum groups, III.
Quantum permutations and quantum automorphisms of graphs (Notes)
10/14Rob CarmanCharacterizing orthogonal units of the trivial source ring (Notes)
10/07Ethan Shelburne'21Introduction to quantum groups, II. Deformations of Lie algebras (Notes)
9/30Pierre ClareIntroduction to quantum groups, I. Groups, algebras and duality (Notes)
9/23Chi-Kwong LiQuantum error correction (Notes)
9/16Pierre Rousselin (Paris 13)Conductance of a subdiffusive random weighted tree (Notes)

Spring 2020

4/30Nick Werner (SUNY Old Westbury)Covering numbers of rings (Notes)
4/16Eric SwartzCovering numbers of groups (Notes)
3/05Fan GeThe Index Conjecture in Zero-Sum theory
2/20Snow dayNo talk
2/13Pierre ClareK-theory of the tempered dual of real reductive groups, II
2/06Pierre ClareK-theory of the tempered dual of real reductive groups, I
1/30Chi-Kwong LiGeneralized numerical ranges and commutativity of matrices

Fall 2019

12/10Anupam Singh (IISER Pune)Word map on groups
11/20Rob CarmanModular representation theory via representation rings
11/06Eric SwartzButson-Hadamard matrices
10/30Vladimir BolotnikovShift-invariant subspaces in the Hardy and Bergman spaces
10/23Angel Román (Penn State)The Mackey bijection and continuous fields of reduced group C*-algebras
10/16Pierre ClareCartan motion groups and Mackey's analogy
10/09Ryan VinrootEuclid's generating function trick and counting real conjugacy classes
10/02Martin RolekThe double-critical graph conjecture
9/25Pierre ClareCharacteristic polynomials of representations
9/18Charles JohnsonPlaying simultaneous chess games with 14 REU students
9/11Chi-Kwong LiNumerical ranges and dilation
9/04Fan GeRiemann's memoir

Spring 2019

4/18Eric SwartzWhich finite groups are unit groups of finite rings?
4/11Pierre ClareHilbert modules and applications, III
3/28Gabriel Martins (UC Berkeley)A topological approach to magnetic confinement
3/21Vladimir BolotnikovOn degree-constrained and norm-constrained interpolation problems, II
$\pi^{19}$Jamison BarsottiThe double Burnside ring
2/28Vladimir BolotnikovOn degree-constrained and norm-constrained interpolation problems, I
2/21Ryan VinrootSome results and a conjecture on finite simple groups
2/14Rob CarmanIntroduction to biset functors
2/07Pierre ClareHilbert modules and applications, II
1/31Pierre ClareHilbert modules and applications, I

Fall 2018

12/06Jacopo Gliozzi'19Principal series representations of $\mathrm{SL}(3,\mathbb{R})$
11/29Emilee Cardin'19Spectra of Kohn laplacians on spheres
11/15Ryan VinrootLinear algebraic groups, II
11/08Eric SwartzSymmetries of finite generalized quadrangles, II
11/01Ryan VinrootLinear algebraic groups, I
10/25Eric SwartzSymmetries of finite generalized quadrangles, I
10/18Nacir HmidouchComposition operators on iterated weighted-type spaces of analytic functions
10/11Pierre ClareTopology on the unitary dual of Lie groups
10/04Chi-Kwong LiPreserver problems
09/27Rob CarmanBurnside rings of fusion systems
09/20Jamison BarsottiThe Burnside ring of a finite group and its unit group
09/13Hurricane Florence scareNo talk
09/06Charles JohnsonEigenvalues, multiplicities and graphs, II
08/31Charles JohnsonEigenvalues, multiplicities and graphs, I (Colloquium)

Spring 2018

04/18Ryan VinrootIntroduction to fusion systems, Part 2
04/11Ronan Egan (U. of Rijeka)Self-orthogonal codes via orbit matrices
04/04Ryan VinrootIntroduction to fusion systems, Part 1
03/28Andrew ZimmerLimit sets of discrete groups
03/23Jared Lichtman (Dartmouth College)The reciprocal sum of primitive nondeficient numbers
03/14Andrew ZimmerHarmonic functions on manifolds
02/21Eric SwartzAssociation schemes, representation theory, and graph symmetry
02/07Pierre ClareDiscrete series of $\mathrm{SL}(2,\mathbb{R})$
01/31Andrew ZimmerSurfaces and hyperbolic geometry
01/24Andrew ZimmerAnosov representations

Fall 2017

12/06Ryan VinrootReal representations of finite groups
11/29Pierre ClareSquare-integrable representations
11/15Charles JohnsonImmanants, generalized matrix functions and the Permanent on Top Conjecture
11/08Jiwon Kim$p$-adic representations
11/01Pierre ClareRepresentations of compact groups: Peter-Weyl Theory
10/25Stephen TrefethenBrauer characters of finite groups
10/18Eric SwartzCharacter theory of finite groups II
10/11Eric SwartzCharacter theory of finite groups I
10/04Pierre ClareGroup (operator) algebras
09/27Ryan VinrootRepresentation theory of finite groups I