Fall 2021

Organizers: Pierre Clare and Rob Carman

The seminar meets Wednesdays at 2pm, in Jones 302. Email us for information or to be added to the mailing list.

Next talk (10/20)

Eric Swartz

Covering numbers of rings with unity

Abstract: Given an algebraic structure (group, ring, etc.), a cover is defined to be a collection of proper substructures (e.g., subgroups, subrings, etc.) whose set theoretic union is the whole structure. Assuming such an algebraic structure has a cover, its covering number is defined to be the size of a minimum cover. I will discuss the rich history of this problem as well as recent joint work with Nicholas Werner on the covering number of a ring with unity. No prior knowledge will be assumed beyond the basic definitions of groups and rings.

11/17Vladimir BolotnikovTBA
10/20Eric SwartzCovering numbers of rings with unity (Slides)
10/06Gabriel Martins (Sacramento State)Skateboard tricks and topological flips (Slides)
9/29Cordelia Li'22Copositive matrices, their dual, and the Recognition Problem (Slides)
9/22Merielyn Sher'22Enumerating minimum path covers of trees (Slides)
9/15Bjoern Muetzel (Eckerd College)Harmonic forms on pinched surfaces (Slides)
9/08Gexin YuSufficient conditions for 2-dimensional graph rigidity