Fall 2022

Organizers: Pierre Clare and Rob Carman

The seminar meets on Wednesdays at 2pm, in Jones 306. Email us for information or to be added to the mailing list.

Next talk (9/21)

Chuangtian Guan

Level structures on finite group schemes and applications

Abstract: The notion of level structures originates from the study of the moduli spaces of elliptic curves, which are known as modular curves. The modular curves are constructed by Deligne--Rapoport and Katz--Mazur as smooth models over $\mathbb{Z}_p$ or $\mathbb{Z}$. In this talk, we show some generalizations about the notion of level structures on certain finite group schemes, and show how these level structures can be used to prove some geometric and arithmetic properties of moduli spaces of abelian varieties.

9/21Chuangtian GuanLevel structures on finite group schemes and applications
9/14Nick RussonielloContact seaweeds (Slides)